The Significance of Black History Month

As Black History Month ends, and least we forget, please read the thought provoking article below. The author, Aryia K. Harar, aged 16, elucidates on the importance of Black History Month for us all - young/old, black or white.

Importance of Black History Month

Black History Month is an important time of year to celebrate as the contributions of Black Britons which are far too often overlooked and ignored.

One of the main objectives of this month is to honour the ways in which black people have helped shape Britain into what it is today.

Additionally, it allows for black voices to be amplified, and for black culture and history to be taught to the same extent as white history. This is because our perception of history is very euro-centric and is generally taught in a way in which only presents Britain in a positive light. This means that the curriculum is mainly focused on European and white narratives and is not diverse enough.

Diversity is important because everyone should be able to be represented in what they learn about. Moreover, everyone should be given the opportunity to learn about their history and about how black history is intertwined with British history.

However, despite all the positive aspects black history month offers, it is also a moment to reflect and improve ourselves. It provides a widespread opportunity for people to evaluate themselves, check their biases and educate them on the issues which black people face today.

Most importantly, educating ourselves allows for us to learn about the failures and sins which Britain has committed in the past, meaning that we can learn from previous generations and not repeat the atrocities they committed.

Aryia K. Harar
Aged 16